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Social Media Monster | Average Guy Movie Review

When I first started watching Social Media Monster  I honestly thought it could be a wind-up. Was I watching a kind of mockumentary? Or was I simply being made the fool? The whole situation seemed absurd. I just couldn't believe one person could cause so much hassle. But it would appear I was wrong. Oh so very wrong. This is the story of Saint Joseph, a city in the US state of Missouri, and the man who caused many of its residents - as well as the director of this very documentary - no end of trouble. Something that began with a rather bizarre incident at an IHop restaurant in the city in the summer of 2018. From there anyone in the town who has not given the man exactly what he wanted, has questioned his actions or opinions, or has simply disagreed with him - including politicians, law enforcement officers, journalists, and even a band - have suffered a barrage of online vitriol and abuse. As we're introduced to some of the titular Social Media Monster 's victims you quick
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Brave New Look | Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross Loses the Moustache

As you're probably aware, the teaser for Captain America: Brave New World has landed. Marvel 's latest tantalising snippet got over a million views on YouTube  in less than an hour, unsurprisingly. And there is a lot to take away from the sub-two minute video. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross (Harrison Ford) is now the President of the United States. Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) is still fighting the good fight, with Joaquin Torres (Danny Ramirez) by his side. Torres may even take on the title of 'Falcon' - given that two winged warriors can briefly be seen. Isaiah Bradley (Carl Lumbly) also returns, and it seems the troubled super soldier has been brainwashed into going after the President. I wonder who could have done that. The prime suspect isn't exactly seen - beyond silhouette, anyway - although what is likely to be his creepy little lab certainly is, and he can be heard sharing a snippet of his philosophy.  The question is; what does all this have to do with

Creatures of Habit | Average Guy Movie Review

A journalist sits alone in a bar, working, when a stranger approaches him. While the journalist continues to go over his files the stranger begins with him a conversation, by the end of which a startling discovery will be made. But who is this stranger, and what are his intentions? At some point in our lives many of us will have had a creepy encounter or two with strangers in a bar. But how many of those encounters have led to a major breakthrough or discovery in our work? Or any other part of our lives, for that matter. I'm guessing not many. So Meekah (Theo White) is either very lucky to have this new, all-seeing admirer, or he's in a lot of trouble. Either way, the conversation at the heart of Creatures of Habit  is a rather chilling affair. Even the way Timothy J. Cox's moustache... I mean 'Stranger' saunters up to Meekah and begins shooting the shit is a little creepy - something that's nicely highlighted by some clever lighting and camera angles. But it is

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F | Average Guy Movie Review

The now infamous Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) is still cracking wise and cracking down on criminals in Motor City, USA. But when his daughter, Jane (Taylour Paige) - a defence lawyer in Los Angeles - takes on a case involving a dead cop and a suspect claiming he was framed, her life is threatened. So for the first time in a long time he's headed back to that other city that has fallen victim to his antics, Beverly Hills. Forty years after Beverly Hills Cop and Axel Foley first hit the big screen, the loudmouth Detroit cop is back to bring some more excitement to the high society lifestyle of Beverly Hills. Part nostalgia trip, part whole new adventure for the renegade cop, Axel F  is a definite return to form for the franchise. Not that this is a particularly high bar, considering the pitiful disappointment that is Beverly Hills Cop III . This new outing is nothing new, nothing ground-breaking, but it is everything we love about  Beverly Hills Cop . And while it doesn't quite reac

Beverly Hills Cop | Moustache ReWatch

Axel F  is almost upon us, which seems like the perfect time to revisit all of the  Beverly Hills Cop movies that came before it. Even though I have all of them on DVD, I'd like to thank Netflix  for making this rewatch a little more convenient... or at least, mobile (and I'm not talking about phones). Beverly Hills Cop  is your quintessential 80's comedy, not to mention the perfect vehicle for an up and coming Eddie Murphy. Just take a second to picture Sylvester Stallone as Axel Foley, or should I say 'Axel Cobretti'? Just imagine how different the movie would have been if that scenario had played out, or you could go and watch Cobra . Murphy is perfect as Axel, a highly skilled police officer who regularly flies by the seat of his pants. His abilities as a police officer are only outmatched by his talents as a bullshit merchant - which he regularly uses to get both in and out of many situations. Making the cigarette bust/truck chase both a brilliant opener and an

Protanopia | Average Guy Movie Review

After Luke (Anthony Carey)'s sister goes missing, he begins having dreams of a strange house. Unbeknownst to him, that house is owned by Alan Roscoe Jr. (Timothy J. Cox), passed down to him after the recent death of his father. But something about this house isn't quite right, and Alan seems to tend to it in strange and disturbing ways. A horror movie named after a form of colour blindness - the most common form, in fact. Protanopia is an insensitivity to red light. Making it a rather ironic title, given the amount of red lighting and red visual effects that appear throughout the film. We're talking almost psychedelic levels of colour - especially red. It is the first of many mind-fucks that the movie throws at you. Either that or it's the beginning of the great mind-fuck that is this movie. Recent events have left the two protagonists caught up in their own respective nightmares. While Luke struggles with the disappearance of his sister and some truly haunting dreams,

Hard Truths | Average Guy Movie Review

Peter Gibney is a long time agent who is known in the modelling industry for being kind, generous and supportive of the people he represents. Model Hope Harmon has been with Peter the longest of all his clients, close to 15 years. They have a very close, familial relationship and as a result, have made each other very successful. There is a major clothing client, Braden-Willoughby, that Peter has been trying to book Hope with, but the client has confided to Peter that they are not remotely interested in Hope, unless she is willing to undergo, in their words "dramatic changes". If I had to choose a word to describe Hard Truths  it might be 'reality'. That certainly seems to be what those behind the film were going for.  We're dropped into the lives of the protagonists for a mere moment, and a very important moment at that, for both of them.  There's no real beginning to it, no real end, and in that way it feels more like watching real life.  It is but a snapsho

VENOM: THE LAST DANCE | Moustache Trailer Reaction

Venom horse!!! In other words; the trailer for Venom: The Last Dance  has landed. What are your thoughts on what is likely to be Tom Hardy's last outing as the symbiotic duo? My first thought, based on this trailer, is The Last Dance  looks fun. But I've been wrong before, because I thought the same after seeing the trailer for Let There Be Carnage . I love the first movie , it has some issues but for the most part it's a lot of fun, especially the odd couple relationship between Eddie Brock and Venom (Hardy & Hardy). Unfortunately the same cannot be said about Let There Be Carnage . Hardy continues to be brilliant in the lead roles, but the movie does not deliver the "carnage" it promises. So as much as this trailer looks good - Venom  horse! - it gives me pause. The Last Dance , which is written by Hardy and first time director Kelly Marcel (writer on the first two Venom movies and Cruella ) looks to pick up where the last movie - as well as a few post credi