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Moustache Lockdown Streaming Survival Guide Part 13 | WandaVision

  Finally the roll out of Phase 4 of the MCU has begun, but not as originally planned. The first to arrive is one of Marvel's new streaming shows - and not the one they planned to debut first. The first two episodes of WandaVision are here, it's the first major Marvel property to be released since Spider-Man: Far From Home back in 2019, and the mysterious show is putting a strange new spin on the Marvel Universe. The MCU is back! Don't forget to check out the rest of our Moustache Lockdown Streaming Survival Guide by clicking here . After the events of Avengers: Endgame, it is unknown what has happened to Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen). Now we see her living with Vision (Paul Bettany) as a married couple in the suburbs. The only problem is their new life together seems to be a TV show, one resembling classic American sitcoms. And someone is watching. But will they be able to figure out what's going on before it's too late, and more importantly... will they want to
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Wonder Woman 1984 | Average Guy Movie Review

It has been sixty years since Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) left the island of Themyscira to join the world of man, and in that time she has become rather lonely. Now living in Washington DC, she divides her time between working at the Smithsonian and using her powers to help people. But when a strange artifact - one with the power to make our greatest desires a reality - finds its way into the hands of the power-hungry businessman, Max Lord (Pedro Pascal), Diana faces choosing between her own happiness and the fate of the world. After many delays thanks to Covid-19, the release of Wonder Woman 1984 is a welcome relief from our new norm. I considered making this review part of the Moustache Lockdown Streaming Survival Guide, but given that WW84 is still in cinemas - where cinemas are open, anyway - and only available to rent on digital, it didn't really fit with what I've tried to do with the streaming survival guide.  A movie like this really should be seen on the big screen, and a

Moustache Lockdown Streaming Survival Guide Part 12 | Soul

  Christmas may be over, but with the latest edition of our Lockdown Streaming Survival Guide we're taking a look at Disney's Christmas gift to all of their Disney+ subscribers; Pixar's 'Soul'. What? It's not like it's a Christmas movie. Don't forget to check out our Moustache Lockdown Streaming Survival Guide in its entirety, you can find it by clicking here . After a freak accident, Joe (Jamie Foxx) - a musician looking for his big break - finds himself transported to the world beyond. Now he must find a way to get his soul back into his body, before it's too late. And the only person who can help him is the one infant soul (Tina Fey) who doesn't want to go to Earth, maybe Joe can show them the joy of a life on our little planet. Pete Docter - the man behind some of Pixar's more emotional stories - and the magnificent team at Pixar have brought to life another beautiful look at... well, life, and the structure behind it. Following Joe on hi

Moustache Lockdown Streaming Survival Guide Part 11 | A Christmas Gift From Bob

Christmas Day is almost upon us and the world is still caught up in the Covid-19 pandemic. So we here at The Movie Moustache decided to continue with a Christmas theme for our Lockdown Streaming Survival Guide. This time we're looking at the sequel to the much beloved 'A Street Cat Named Bob'. As always you can check out our Moustache Lockdown Streaming Survival Guide in its entirety by clicking here . After leaving his publisher's Christmas party, James Bowen (Luke Treadaway) witnesses an event that causes him to look back on his and Bob's last Christmas busking on the streets of London. One that proved to be the most challenging, as James had to fight to stop animal welfare officers from taking Bob away from him. There's nothing quite like watching a heart-warming animal story, especially at Christmas. Luke Treadaway returns to his beloved role as James Bowen, the man struggling with his own demons who rescued a cat and was himself rescued. Seeing him reunited

Fatman | Average Guy Movie Review

  In a world where Santa Claus' influence is waning, a down on his luck Chris Cringle (Mel Gibson) is forced to take on a contract with the US military to make ends meet. But that's not his only problem, because one of those naughty kids (Chance Hurstfield) is none too happy about finding a lump of coal under his Christmas tree, so he puts a contract out on jolly old Saint Nick. And he's picked the perfect hitman for the job - one with a strange obsession with the Fatman. Now this is my kind of Christmas movie! Bad language, gunfights and explosions, intertwined with some good humour and a little festive cheer; what more can you ask for? The Nelms brothers have struck the right balance between fantasy and reality, and in so doing have created a world where Santa Claus' existence is at least plausible. One in which he is seen as an economic stimulus. It certainly helps that the brothers made some inspired casting choices; as strange as it may sound, Mel Gibson is the per

Amazon Studios Reveals New Cast Members for 'Lord of the Rings' TV Series

Amazon Studios have confirmed 20 new cast members for the upcoming Lord of the Rings TV series. However, there isn't currently any word on who they will be playing.  The list is as follows: Sir Lenny Henry Cynthia Addai-Robinson (The Accountant) Maxim Baldry Peter Mullan (Westworld) Lloyd Owen (You, Me and the Apocalypse) Augustus Prew (Pure Genius) Peter Tait (Shagrat in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King) Benjamin Walker (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) Simon Merrels (Spartacus: War of the Damned) Ian Blackburn Kip Chapman Anthony Crum Maxine Cunliffe Trystan Gravelle Thusitha Jayasundera Fabian McCallum Geoff Morrell Alex Tarrant Leon Wadham Sara Zwangobani Image Credit: These new cast members will join the 15 who were announced back in January: Robert Aramayo Owain Arthur Nazanin Boniadi Tom Budge Morfydd Clark Ismael Cruz Córdova Ema Horvath Markella Kavenagh Joseph Mawle Tyroe Muhafidin Sophia Nomvete Megan Richards Dylan Smith Charlie Vickers Daniel Weyman

Moustache Lockdown Streaming Survival Guide Part 10 | Noelle

We're sticking with the festive theme for our Lockdown Streaming Survival Guide with "Noelle"; a Christmas movie that hit Disney+ in the US last year but has only recently reached European shores. And yes the lockdown may have ended here in the UK, but with the Tier system back in place, did it ever really end? Regardless, we shall be continuing our Moustache Lockdown (Not Lockdown) Streaming Survival Guide for the foreseeable future. As always you can find all of the other entries in our Streaming Survival Guide by clicking here .  After Santa Claus (Jay Brazeau) passes away, the role is passed down to his son Nick (Bill Hader). But when his training doesn't go well, it becomes clear that Nick isn't exactly ecstatic about his new job, so his sister Noelle (Anna Kendrick) suggests he take the weekend off and get away from it all. The only problem is; Nick doesn't come back. Now, with the fate of Christmas in jeopardy, and cousin Gabe's (Billy Eichner) tech