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The Last Rifleman | Average Guy Movie Review

Artie Crawford (Pierce Brosnan) is a 91 year old veteran who served in Normandy as part of Operation Overlord. When his wife of many years passes away, he escapes from his retirement home in Ireland in an attempt to make it back to France for the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, in order to lay the past to rest. On occasion Hollywood seems to take it upon itself to deliver a movie battle of epic proportions, in which two incredibly similar movies are released in the same year, and we the people must decide which one is better. 1997 it was Dante's Peak  vs. Volcano . 1998 saw Deep Impact vs. Armageddon and Antz vs. A Bug's Life . 2013 we had Olympus Has Fallen  vs. White House Down . And in 2023 we've had Guy Ritchie's The Covenant  vs. Kandahar  and - continuing on the military theme - The Great Escaper  vs. The Last Rifleman . That last one includes two movies that are based on the tale of Bernard Jordan, the man who at 89 years of age famously disappeared fr