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They're Back! | My Return To The Cinema... Again

Normally when I watch a movie (either on the big or small screen) I write a review, share my thoughts on that movie with whoever wants to read it. But given the turmoil of the last year and a half, something which forced cinemas around the world to close their doors, permanently in some cases, it seemed more appropriate to write something about the experience. After seven months of no cinema, the place never looked so good! The first thing that hit me - apart from the excitement of finally going back to the big screen - was the smell. As I walked in the door of my local Cineworld it was there; the delicious smell of warm popcorn. Even through the mask it was delightfully strong. It was something I hadn't realised I missed, but it felt like a warm welcome. The feeling of being back in one of those seats, popcorn in hand, was fantastic. For once the adverts seemed to fly by, giving way to the trailers. I was so pleased to be back that even the new Conjuring movie looked good (I am no