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Beverly Hills Cop | Moustache ReWatch

Axel F  is almost upon us, which seems like the perfect time to revisit all of the  Beverly Hills Cop movies that came before it. Even though I have all of them on DVD, I'd like to thank Netflix  for making this rewatch a little more convenient... or at least, mobile (and I'm not talking about phones). Beverly Hills Cop  is your quintessential 80's comedy, not to mention the perfect vehicle for an up and coming Eddie Murphy. Just take a second to picture Sylvester Stallone as Axel Foley, or should I say 'Axel Cobretti'? Just imagine how different the movie would have been if that scenario had played out, or you could go and watch Cobra . Murphy is perfect as Axel, a highly skilled police officer who regularly flies by the seat of his pants. His abilities as a police officer are only outmatched by his talents as a bullshit merchant - which he regularly uses to get both in and out of many situations. Making the cigarette bust/truck chase both a brilliant opener and an

Spy Game | Average Guy Movie Review | Movierob's Genre Grandeur

For this month's Genre Grandeur on Spy/Espionage movies I have chosen Spy Game. Directed by Tony Scott and starring Robert Redford and Brad Pitt, this is a gritty, more realistic spy movie. It's the polar opposite of a James Bond movie. There's no glamour, no gadgets and the type of locations that would make Jason Bourne think twice!  It's 1991, the US and China are working on a trade deal and CIA Agent Tom Bishop (Brad Pitt) has just been caught trying to break someone out of a Chinese Prison. The US Government has just 24 hours to claim him before he is executed. In order to get a handle on the situation, CIA executives bring in Nathan Muir (Robert Redford), Bishop's former boss and mentor to provide deep background on him. But Muir soon realises that the executives are looking for a pretext to justify leaving Bishop to the Chinese. Now he must he call in every asset he has and every favour he's owed in order to save Bishop's life. After a ten