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Dave's DVD Dungeon | Part 4

After the Conquest comes the battle... apparently. Battle for the Planet of the Apes  is exactly what you expect to happen when a movie franchise isn't allowed to come to an end with dignity, grace, and at the right time. The proverbial horse has been flogged, left to rot, picked at by vultures, lost to the sands of time, and now archaeologists have uncovered what's left of its fossilised remains. Not only is it a terrible movie, it's a horrible way for such a ground-breaking franchise to end. Granted there has been a gradual decline since the first movie, but it really feels like we fell off a cliff with this one. Although the opposite has to be said about the make-up effects, which were brilliant to begin with and have only gotten better with each subsequent movie. Unsurprisingly, Roddy McDowall continues to be the shining light of the franchise - more so than ever in this rather sub-par entry. His performance as Caesar is excellent. Seeing the son of Zira and Cornelius s