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Hustlers | Average Guy Movie Review

When the financial crisis of 2008 hit, everybody was affected. Even the bankers themselves had to cut back, no more excessive nights of partying, which hurt the dancers working in the clubs these men frequented. But when the stock markets began to recover, and the men started to reappear, an enterprising group of women decided it was their turn to make some real money. Inspired by a true story - and covered in the New York Magazine article: "The Hustlers at Scores" - Hustlers follows a group (or should I say crew) of exotic dancers who would seduce and drug wealthy men in order to rack up large bills on their credit cards, in strip clubs throughout New York city. The group would then get a percentage of whatever the men spent in the clubs, and the men would wake up totally unaware of what had happened - until the credit card bill arrived anyway. As a criminal enterprise this is genius, albeit a little scary for the wealthier among us, but as a movie it's a lot of