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A Chris Prime/Amazon Pine Double Bill

  With the recent appearance of two brand new Chris Pine movies on Amazon Prime Video , I figured there was no better time for a double feature - not to mention a half-decent excuse to hit two movies with one review. The only question was which one to watch first; the action movie or the spy thriller? I went with the action movie. The Contractor  follows James Harper (Pine), a soldier who is unceremoniously discharged from the military after being wounded. Facing money troubles and still wanting to serve, Harper enlists with a private military contractor. His first assignment sends him to Europe to surveil a scientist with possible terrorist ties. But when things go wrong he finds himself caught in a game of cat and mouse as he attempts to get home to his family. Tarik Saleh may be going for a Bourne -esque action thriller with The Contractor , but it starts out as something very different. Our introduction to James Harper feels more like a commentary on the plight of wounded military