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Dave's DVD Dungeon | Part 1

Return to the Planet of the Apes ... movies. Recently a buddy of mine - his name is Dave, which may or may not become apparent - began talking about rewatching the classic Planet of the Apes  movies. Naturally I was interested, not only because I hadn't seen them all, but also because I can't turn down the opportunity for a movie marathon. Quite the revelation (that last one), I know. Anyway, that's how Dave's DVD Dungeon  came to be, and no movie is safe. Dave and I decided to kick things off with a double feature - not one Planet of the Apes  movie, but two. Two movies from the same place, yet wildly different. Even by today's standards  Planet of the Apes  is groundbreaking - somehow forward thinking and very much of its time, all at once - and like many groundbreaking movies it spawned a litany of sequels. Some better than others. Thankfully however, this doesn't take anything away from the genius of the original. Hilariously it all begins with a decidedly 6