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The Day Shall Come | Average Guy Movie Review

When Moses (Marchánt Davis) draws the attention of the FBI, he and the other members of his small religious commune - who believe there will be a black uprising to take back the world from their white oppressors - become the target of a calamitous sting operation. Facing eviction from their home, Moses is tempted by an offer of funding and weapons from an undercover informant posing as a member of Islamic State. But the problem is, the Star of Six aren't quite the terrorist group that the FBI have made them out to be. Chris Morris, the director of Four Lions has returned with a new movie depicting something all too real, and in absurd fashion. This time he has shifted focus to the war on terror. As the slogan on the poster points out, The Day Shall Come "is based on a hundred true stories", in which paid informants provide information on supposed terrorist groups, all so the FBI can look like it's keeping America safe. Morris did a lot of research into ca