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Leon's Fantasy Cut | Average Guy Movie Review

Two first generation Ukrainian-American brothers chase the American Dream. One hopes to go into business for himself, but is stuck working in a cell phone store. The other is a small-time pot dealer looking to get into the music business as manager to a promising young rapper. They share a studio apartment in Brooklyn and bicker constantly. But all this is temporary... right? After all, this is America. Josh Caras and Jon Valde deliver a strikingly relatable tale in Leon's Fantasy Cut . Many of us will understand the place in which George (Caras) and Iggy (Valde) find themselves because we've either been there, or we are still. This is a movie that isn't afraid to broach the fact that the American Dream isn't out there for everyone - no matter how badly we want it. Moreover, the frustration, disappointment and even anger that such a realisation can bring is palpable throughout. Increasingly so, as we draw closer to a rather tense finale.  Beyond the torment of the Ameri