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Come As You Are | Average Guy Movie Review

Three guys with disabilities - Scotty (Grant Rosenmeyer), Matt (Hayden Szeto), and Mo (Ravi Patel) - looking to have their first sexual experience discover a brothel that caters to their needs. Now they just have to get to Montreal. So they hit the road with Nurse/Driver Sam (Gabourey Sidibe), hoping to get as close to the border as possible before their families figure out where they've gone. Based on a true story, 'Come As You Are' manages to tick all of the usual boxes of a road trip movie, whilst also highlighting a sensitive issue with care and respect. There is definitely an air of American Pie meets Road Trip to proceedings. But where American Pie feels like a cringe-worthy reminder of our awkward teenage years, Come As You Are is actually relevant to society, as well as being a reminder of our awkward teenage years. Through the main characters audiences witness the difficulty of living with disability - watch out for the early scene in which Janeane Garofalo's d

Long Shot | Average Guy Movie Review

Recently unemployed journalist Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) stumbles into a new line of work after a chance accident reunites him with his former babysitter, Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron). As the US Secretary of State, Charlotte is promoting a bill designed to encourage more environmentally friendly practices the world over. She is also preparing to run for President in the coming election, and she hires Flarsky to be a speech writer on her team, much to the chagrin of her advisors. But when sparks begin to fly between this odd couple, and politics and personal feelings begin to mix, could everything Charlotte has worked for come crashing down? Director Jonathan Levine delivers a colourful look at politics with Long Shot. This is an idealistic view of politics, one in which politicians - some at least - actually care about the work they're doing, beyond the usual approval ratings and expense claims. We will never see a politician like this, they'd either bend to the s