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Day Shift | Average Guy Movie Review

To the uninitiated Bud Jablonski (Jamie Foxx) is a mild mannered pool cleaner, keeping the swimming pools of the San Fernando Valley well chlorinated. But the reality is quite different. Because he's actually a vampire hunter, and on top of dealing with the ever increasing population of blood suckers in Los Angeles, he has just one week to raise enough cash for his daughter's tuition or his ex-wife will move them both to Florida. Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a vampire hunter? Beyond the cool shades, the fancy weaponry, and the flash car, that is. Does it pay well? Is it even possible to make a living as a vampire hunter? More importantly, is there a union? And if so, do you get dental? If these are questions you have pondered then this may be the movie for you. Either that, or you're just a fan of action comedies, because Day Shift  certainly fits that bill. Jamie Foxx sports some very snazzy Hawaiian shirts - as well as some other colourful attire - as h

Moonfall | Average Guy Movie Review

When the moon's orbit begins decreasing, the world is thrown into chaos. Fluctuations in gravity and extreme tidal events bring destruction on a global scale. But when it's discovered that some sort of alien technology is responsible, NASA director Jocinda Fowler (Halle Berry) must turn to disgraced astronaut Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson), the only man who has seen this tech up close, and a crackpot scientist (John Bradley) with strange theories about the moon, in order to fix the problem. The master of disaster returns, once again, to the genre that put him on the Hollywood map. Only you'll probably wish that he hadn't.  Moonfall  comes across like an inferior version of his previous disaster epics. Which begs the question; why does Roland Emmerich keep falling back on the same old (and very recognisable) template? This sort of thing was getting stale when 2012  came out back in 2009! But it's all here; the (sometimes) disgraced expert and/or bad parent who will ma

The Gray Man | Average Guy Movie Review

A CIA assassin codenamed 'Six' (Ryan Gosling) becomes the subject of a global manhunt when his latest target hands him an item containing information that's rather compromising for certain agency officials. In order to retrieve the item said officials offer Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans) - a former operative and all around deranged lunatic - unlimited means to hunt Six down. The Russo brothers have delivered all-out action insanity with The Gray Man . Ryan Gosling and Ana de Armas at their arse-kicking best. Chris Evans as the moustache twirling villain (you know he's evil because he wears shoes with no socks!). Jessica Henwick and Billy Bob Thornton in supporting roles and pretty much non-stop carnage across half the globe. Moreover, the movie is unapologetic in its delivery of action scene after action scene without explanation or the opportunity to catch breath. This is Saturday night action movie viewing at its finest... or at least it should be. For some reason The Gra