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Stowaway | Average Guy Movie Review

Shortly after launch, a crew on a mission to Mars are surprised to discover a member of the ground crew aboard their ship, unconscious. What begins as an awkward situation in which the three astronauts must adjust to life with their unexpected new team member, soon becomes a life-threatening situation when the ship is damaged. This is one of those Hollywood situations that hopefully will never happen; one minute you're working, the next you're waking up on a spaceship on its way to Mars. It's strange then that no real time is spent establishing how on Earth - or anywhere else, for that matter - something like this could ever happen. Although it does raise some interesting questions about privatised space travel and oversight. I mean, hopefully space agencies like NASA account for all members of their ground crew before launch. But once you get past the mysterious course of events that lead to this whole mess, or should I say the lack thereof,  Stowaway  develops into an int

Knives Out | Average Guy Movie Review

When the famous mystery writer Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) is found dead in his home, legendary detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is brought in to investigate. But in order to do so, Blanc will have to deal with Harlan's extremely dysfunctional family, all of whom are potential suspects. And the only person who can help him sort through all the madness is Harlan's nurse, Marta (Ana de Armas). Rian Johnson's crack at a murder mystery is undoubtedly some of the best fun you'll have at the cinema in 2019. It takes the classic whodunnit and dials things up to eleven. Thanks to a superb script and some fantastic performances - even Christopher Plummer gets time to shine through flashbacks - Johnson's take on the world-class detective is introduced to what is possibly the world's most dysfunctional family, a myriad bundle of mysteries even without Harlan's death. They're the type of people that many would try to avoid, especially in publi

Imperium: Average Guy Movie Review

I think it's fair to say I've never been a fan of Daniel Radcliffe. But then I never liked Harry Potter, so that would explain why I never liked him as an actor. Over the last few years, Radcliffe has been desperately trying to break away from the wizard that made him famous. In his attempts he has played a guy who grows horns in 'Horns' and the creator of Grand Theft Auto in 'The Gamechangers'. I thought Radcliffe's performance as Sam Houser was good but the character was a giant dick so it didn't really do anything to alter my opinion of him. All of that changed when I watched Imperium. Inspired by the career of former FBI Agent Michael German, Radcliffe plays an undercover Agent who infiltrates a white supremacist group, looking for stolen Caesium-137. 'Imperium' is latin, but it's commonly used in German meaning 'Empire'. According to IMDb "Neonazis do frequently refer to a "Western Imperium" as a theor