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The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown | Average Guy TV Review

  Clarkson, Hammond and May are off on another adventure, and during lockdown. This time they're driving across Scotland in three American cars from the 1970's, in an attempt to discover why cars from across the pond never really took off here in the UK. Which can only mean one thing... no caravan is safe! You'd think a road trip in 2020 wouldn't be all that entertaining, instead, Lochdown  actually proves to be one of The Grand Tour 's better episodes, in recent memory anyway. The fact is the car nut trio's last couple of outings have been a little gimmicky, but the restrictions forced them to go back to basics with this one. Which as it turns out, is a very good thing.  The whole thing actually feels less scripted, like they were able to rely on the random occurrences that can occur with any road trip.  It certainly doesn't take long for the laughs to start flowing.  Lochdown  actually feels like classic Top Gear  - three loveable idiots pissing about in c