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Rewriting Mallory | Average Guy Movie Review

Have you ever wondered how much control we have over our own lives? That question is the central theme of Rewriting Mallory , as we follow two people struggling to deal with lives marred by tragedy. Drifting between Joshua's attempts to deal with the loss of his sister through writing and Mallory having what could be the worst day of her life, this curious short film offers an interesting perspective on their two lives. One reminiscent of Morpheus' words to Neo in The Matrix  about Dorothy; "tumbling down the rabbit hole". Yes, Director Emerson Adams certainly conjures some colourful imagery with this one! Strangely, for a film that handles themes such as grief and trauma in such a grounded and sensitive way, it also pulls off one hell of a magic trick. Rewriting Mallory  starts off as one thing, essentially lulling you into a false sense of security, before jack-knifing your entire  understanding of what's going on. A move that somehow adds to the intrigue withou

Live Health | Average Guy Movie Review

During the pandemic therapist Doctor Peter Marcus (Timothy J. Cox) continues to treat his patients through video calls. But in a world in which many are struggling, who helps the helper? The first thing that strikes you when watching Live Health  is a sense of familiarity. We all lived with lockdown for two years, on and off. And there were times when it felt like it may never end. This sense of confinement and uncertainty is captured perfectly by the directing team of star Timothy J. Cox and his wife Jamie. Then there's the loneliness. The good doctor may be meeting with several patients through the course of his day, but seeing it all happen through a series of video calls - and all from the doc's perspective - really rams home the fact that talking to someone through a screen is no substitute for real human interaction. The second thing that strikes you is how difficult it must be, helping people with their issues when you're struggling with your own. Now you could argue

After | Average Guy Movie Review

After his son is killed in the line of duty, a veteran police detective struggles with thoughts of vengeance. Does he trust the system and his fellow colleagues to bring the killer to justice? Or should he take the law into his own hands? Rather than being any kind of police drama, After  is a gripping exploration of grief, and the toxic effect it can have on us. Told through a conversation between father and daughter, there is an expanse forming between them, caused by their individual feelings of loss. A void that - thanks to two magnificent performances, and a subtle shooting style - is right there on the screen for us to see. Their pain, almost palpable. This isn't your typical angry Hollywood cop either. Burned by grief and out for revenge. No, this is about a father contemplating the unthinkable, and the daughter trying to pull him back from the brink. Beth Metcalf and Timothy J. Cox have a very genuine bond on screen. Together they bring Annie and Michael Darcy to life in qu

The Beech Boys Season 3 | Average Guy TV Review

The Beechwood Estates are in chaos! Dottie (Becky Brown) is dead, Cedric (Matt Tory) is on the run, and the HOA election  is still up for grabs, meaning Trey (J.J. Carroll) and Ethan (Zach Castle)'s jobs as the neighbourhood pool cleaners are still in jeopardy. That's right, it's time for one last ride along with The Beech Boys , and with the FBI circling, it's about way more than just pool cleaning! It would appear that when creators Matt Tory and J.J. Carroll got together to plan one last season of their riotous comedy series, they decided to take The Beech Boys  out with a bang. Season 3 is bigger, longer and more adventurous than previous seasons. Taking the neighbourhood - and everyone in it - to places you'd never expect. It's more insane than a live action remake of Cars 2 ! Even Todd (Joshua James) is way more unhinged than normal - if that's possible. And who can blame him when there's a criminal conspiracy tearing its way through the heart of t