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Hard Truths | Average Guy Movie Review

Peter Gibney is a long time agent who is known in the modelling industry for being kind, generous and supportive of the people he represents. Model Hope Harmon has been with Peter the longest of all his clients, close to 15 years. They have a very close, familial relationship and as a result, have made each other very successful. There is a major clothing client, Braden-Willoughby, that Peter has been trying to book Hope with, but the client has confided to Peter that they are not remotely interested in Hope, unless she is willing to undergo, in their words "dramatic changes". If I had to choose a word to describe Hard Truths  it might be 'reality'. That certainly seems to be what those behind the film were going for.  We're dropped into the lives of the protagonists for a mere moment, and a very important moment at that, for both of them.  There's no real beginning to it, no real end, and in that way it feels more like watching real life.  It is but a snapsho