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Devotion | Average Guy Movie Review

The story of the US Navy's first African-American aviator, Jesse Brown (Jonathan Majors), and his wingman Tom Hudner (Glen Powell). From their training in the years after World War 2 for the much anticipated war with the Soviet Union. To combat operations during the Korean War. At first glance, and with the proximity of their releases - as well as other obvious connections - it's almost impossible to not make comparisons between Devotion  and Top Gun: Maverick . However, in reality this is like comparing Sense and Sensibility with Shaun of the Dead . Granted,  Top Gun: Maverick  is a movie about (or at least revolving around) Naval Aviators. But it's really about the flying, looking cool while doing it, and of course... never leaving your wingman. That is one way in which these two movies do connect. Because Devotion  - a title that may seem like an odd choice, but isn't - is more about the men than the flying. Which is under-stating it slightly. More accurately, it