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Social Media Monster | Average Guy Movie Review

When I first started watching Social Media Monster  I honestly thought it could be a wind-up. Was I watching a kind of mockumentary? Or was I simply being made the fool? The whole situation seemed absurd. I just couldn't believe one person could cause so much hassle. But it would appear I was wrong. Oh so very wrong. This is the story of Saint Joseph, a city in the US state of Missouri, and the man who caused many of its residents - as well as the director of this very documentary - no end of trouble. Something that began with a rather bizarre incident at an IHop restaurant in the city in the summer of 2018. From there anyone in the town who has not given the man exactly what he wanted, has questioned his actions or opinions, or has simply disagreed with him - including politicians, law enforcement officers, journalists, and even a band - have suffered a barrage of online vitriol and abuse. As we're introduced to some of the titular Social Media Monster 's victims you quick