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A Legacy of Whining | Average Guy Movie Review

Two school friends reunite after 30 years to reminisce over the past. Mitch (Ross Munro), a failed actor and hopeless optimist who continually moans about everything (apparently) being better when he was younger, and Dunc (Robert David Duncan), a man so deep into a viagra-fuelled mid-life crisis he fails to see how empty and meaningless his life has become, devoid of any real human contact. Over the course of one surreal evening the pair come to realise that the past ain't all it's cracked up to be! As with all good buddy comedies, A Legacy of Whining takes two polar opposites and forces them together. The result of which, in short they drive each other crazy - rather hilariously in places. After a bizarre wait at the airport, Mitch takes Dunc on a drive around the city, visiting their old haunts. The first thing you learn is that these two remember their childhood very differently, Mitch's hopelessly optimistic nostalgia clashing with Dunc's miserable cyni