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After | Average Guy Movie Review

After his son is killed in the line of duty, a veteran police detective struggles with thoughts of vengeance. Does he trust the system and his fellow colleagues to bring the killer to justice? Or should he take the law into his own hands? Rather than being any kind of police drama, After  is a gripping exploration of grief, and the toxic effect it can have on us. Told through a conversation between father and daughter, there is an expanse forming between them, caused by their individual feelings of loss. A void that - thanks to two magnificent performances, and a subtle shooting style - is right there on the screen for us to see. Their pain, almost palpable. This isn't your typical angry Hollywood cop either. Burned by grief and out for revenge. No, this is about a father contemplating the unthinkable, and the daughter trying to pull him back from the brink. Beth Metcalf and Timothy J. Cox have a very genuine bond on screen. Together they bring Annie and Michael Darcy to life in qu