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The Black Demon | Average Guy Movie Review

In an attempt to make a vacation out of a business trip, oil rig safety inspector Paul Sturges (Josh Lucas) brings his family along on an inspection visit to Baja, Mexico. But when a confrontation with locals forces the family to join Paul on the rig, they find it to be badly damaged and almost completely abandoned. And the only thing preventing them from leaving this slowly sinking nightmare is a creature of local legend; a megalodon known as "El Demonio Negro" - the Black Demon. It is well known that ever since Jaws  took the world by storm back in 1975, Hollywood has tried to recapture that magic - or at least that high degree of hype - with a great many killer shark movies. None of which have come close, especially the  Jaws sequels. But the success of 2018's The Meg  has certainly excited things in recent years. Which brings us to The Black Demon , the story of a monstrous megalodon sent by the gods to punish us for our mistreatment of the Earth. Yes that's right