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Brave New Look | Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross Loses the Moustache

As you're probably aware, the teaser for Captain America: Brave New World has landed. Marvel 's latest tantalising snippet got over a million views on YouTube  in less than an hour, unsurprisingly. And there is a lot to take away from the sub-two minute video. Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross (Harrison Ford) is now the President of the United States. Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) is still fighting the good fight, with Joaquin Torres (Danny Ramirez) by his side. Torres may even take on the title of 'Falcon' - given that two winged warriors can briefly be seen. Isaiah Bradley (Carl Lumbly) also returns, and it seems the troubled super soldier has been brainwashed into going after the President. I wonder who could have done that. The prime suspect isn't exactly seen - beyond silhouette, anyway - although what is likely to be his creepy little lab certainly is, and he can be heard sharing a snippet of his philosophy.  The question is; what does all this have to do with

Eternals | Average Guy Movie Review

For 7000 years a group of immortal beings known as 'Eternals' have lived among us in secret. Sent here by the Celestial Arishem, they have been charged with protecting the human race from monsters known as the 'Deviants'. And while they are encouraged to aid in our development, the Eternals are not allowed to interfere in any conflict that does not involve these Deviants. Our secret protectors have seen us at our best and absolute worst, and in their time here, some of them have become disillusioned with their role. But with the Deviant threat re-emerging, it's time to get the band back together. As Marvel Studios moves into Phase 4 of its cinematic universe, the powers that be are looking to change things up a little, and  Eternals  is a big part of that plan. Chloé Zhao's first entry into the MCU marks a bold new direction for the franchise. The Oscar-winning filmmaker and her team have drawn inspiration from the work of Eternals creator Jack Kirby in order to

Marvel Studios’ Eternals | Moustache Teaser Reaction

The first trailer for Marvel Studios' The Eternals  has landed, and while it doesn't give all that much away, it does promise something a little different to what has gone before it. If you haven't seen the trailer or just want to watch it again, you can check it out below. This trailer leaves me more curious than excited, which in a way feels the wrong way round. Normally I'm just excited to see where the latest Marvel adventure is taking us. It is nice, however, to see an upcoming instalment of the MCU on the horizon that I know next to nothing about.  There really isn't much here to work with. The trailer establishes that these long-living, superpowered beings exist. They have been living on Earth for quite a while - having arrived on a ship that looks like a giant, flying slab of granite - and have influenced but not interfered with humanity in order to see us develop. Oh, and they're not so hidden as to be unaware of what's going on in the world/galaxy.