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Mission: Rewatch

Once again, Tom Cruise and the Mission: Impossible  franchise are taking the world by storm, with a little help from legendary writer/director Christopher McQuarrie. Naturally this felt like a perfect opportunity for another Moustache: Rewatch ... or should that be Mission: Rewatch ? Either way, I haven't watched any of these movies in years - probably Fallout  back when it was in cinemas - so revisiting them proved to be an exciting prospect. It's weird to think that this all started in 1996 - the movies, that is - and with Tom Cruise sporting a fake moustache, no less! Maybe it has something to do with how far the franchise has come since then, how much it has evolved - for better or worse - with every new instalment. Back in 1996 an up and coming IMF agent found himself on the wrong side of a mole hunt, forcing him to go rogue and attempt to uncover the real traitor. Of course this is all preceded by the operation in Prague, which really sets the tone for the whole movie. Se

The Write Place | Average Guy Movie Review

The Write Place  is the story of a father and daughter running a small stationary store. But it quickly becomes apparent that Maggie (Erin Taylor) isn't quite as passionate about the family business as Walt (Peter Gantenbein). What do you do if your child doesn't share your interest? Well, the sensible answer would be to encourage them to follow their own dream or passion. But when it comes to a beloved (by some) family business - like in this case - it can be difficult to think that it may not carry on in the family. That is the challenge at the heart of this charming and relatable short. Gantenbein and Taylor share a wonderful chemistry as a father and daughter who have reached a certain turning point in life. The pair really capture the awkwardness of a parent/child relationship in which the parent's authoritative position is waning because the child is on the cusp of adulthood. Directed by Benjamin McClain and Job Gailey, there is an honesty to The Write Place  - certai