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The Beech Boys Season 3 | Average Guy TV Review

The Beechwood Estates are in chaos! Dottie (Becky Brown) is dead, Cedric (Matt Tory) is on the run, and the HOA election  is still up for grabs, meaning Trey (J.J. Carroll) and Ethan (Zach Castle)'s jobs as the neighbourhood pool cleaners are still in jeopardy. That's right, it's time for one last ride along with The Beech Boys , and with the FBI circling, it's about way more than just pool cleaning! It would appear that when creators Matt Tory and J.J. Carroll got together to plan one last season of their riotous comedy series, they decided to take The Beech Boys  out with a bang. Season 3 is bigger, longer and more adventurous than previous seasons. Taking the neighbourhood - and everyone in it - to places you'd never expect. It's more insane than a live action remake of Cars 2 ! Even Todd (Joshua James) is way more unhinged than normal - if that's possible. And who can blame him when there's a criminal conspiracy tearing its way through the heart of t

Moustache Lockdown Streaming Survival Guide Part 5 | Beyond the Blockbusters

Part 5 of our Lockdown Streaming Survival Guide brings us to YouTube, and a new show called "Beyond the Blockbusters". Check out the other entries in our Survival Guide by clicking here . In an attempt to achieve some kind of fame, Chase Cousins (JJ Carroll) has started his own movie review show, one in which he discusses some of the greatest movies ever made... often incoherently. Along for the ride are his co-host/assistant Geoffrey (Matt Tory), and a whole host of - not exactly special - guests, as Chase crashes into the movie-loving world with "Beyond the Blockbusters". Matt Tory and JJ Carroll - the guys behind "The Beech Boys" - are back with their new show. Beyond the Blockbusters is an amusing parody of the many talk shows gracing our screens, not to mention an interesting commentary on the social media generation. It's incredible what people will do in this day and age to be famous, and Carroll's performance as Chase Cousins