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Sound of Addiction | Average Guy Movie Review

A mercenary team - known as the 'Vipers' - is tasked with extracting a young girl named Maria (Tetta Sanders) from a secluded country home, and the cult that resides there. The only problem; the cult have taken their experimentation with recreational drugs a bit far, and the resultant effects have a certain undead quality.  Sound of Addiction   (SOA)  - which you can watch below - was inspired by the rise of Fentanyl in the USA and the zombie-like effect it has on its users. It's a horror short with an action twist. From the moment the boys (Jamie Clark, John Mortimore, Aaron Mackenzie, Sam Seeley, Will Bowden) leave the van to begin their approach to the target building there is a sense of eerie foreboding that descends over the film, leaving our heroes feeling oddly exposed. The tension rises slowly. All of which the tight, up close and personal filming style only compliments, with the directors putting the viewer right alongside them. On top of its creepy, horror vibes,