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Searching | Average Guy Movie Review

Searching follows David Kim (John Cho) and the search for his missing daughter Margot (Michelle La). The whole story is told through the medium of social media, FaceTime, news footage and computer searches. The cynic in me might say that this is some sort of glorified attempt at advertising for the likes of Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and on some level it is. But these companies and their products are so engrained in 21st Century life that it makes perfect sense that David would turn to them in order to try and find his daughter. If I didn't know any better I'd say Searching was made by pointing a camera at a computer screen. In fact, the almost voyeur perspective has encouraged some inspired out of the box thinking in terms of how to shoot it. Despite only taking 13 days to film, the whole production took two years to complete thanks to the animation and editing. Each operating system and piece of software has been painstakingly recreated. Searching encaps