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Captive State | Average Guy Movie Review

Nine years after an alien invasion, the Earth is under occupation. The invaders have installed a subservient human government in order to keep the population in line, while they strip the planet of its resources. But when a long thought dead resistance group emerges from the ashes with a plan to ignite an uprising, it becomes a race against time for the security services to track them down and prevent the attack. Director Rupert Wyatt ( Rise of the Planet of the Apes / The Gambler ) delivers a different take on the alien invasion movie with Captive State , which couldn't be farther from the likes of Independence Day  and Battle Los Angeles . In fact it looks more like a gritty sci-fi/mystery/thriller, with elements of a police procedural story. At the heart of which is a young man named Gabriel (Ashton Sanders), whose family died at the hands of the invaders. He's simply trying to make enough money to escape the city, but when a job draws him in too deep he lands on William Mul

Jupiter's Legacy | Average Guy TV Review

In the 1930's a group of individuals were led to a mysterious island, where they were granted incredible powers. Since then they have used those powers to protect the people from any threat. Now it is time for their children to take on the struggle. But times have changed, and the younger generation are finding it hard to live up to the code - not to mention the incredibly high standards - established by the original six. Based on the graphic novel of the same name, the show takes on a two timeline narrative; the first shows the present day and the different ways in which the two generations of superheroes want to go about keeping the world safe. The second, set in the 1930's, follows the original six on their mysterious journey to becoming superheroes. Despite taking a rather meandering path, the latter quickly establishes itself as the more interesting of the two plotlines. In fact, the simple question of how two brothers go from trying to save their family's steel mill a