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Look Into The Fire | Average Guy Movie Review

What begins as an experiment involving induced memory quickly turns into a nightmare when the grad students responsible inadvertently  unlock repressed memories for their test subject. After undergoing the procedure, Adam (Artie Shase) - who also happens to be one of the grad students running this study - begins having flashes of a gruesome event. Raising questions to which some would prefer he didn't find the answers. To say that Look Into The Fire  is a psychological/sci-fi/horror wouldn't exactly be accurate. What it does do is drift/jump between each of these genres in the telling of this increasingly bizarre  tale. At first it feels like this movie wants to be Flatliners  - a bunch of grad students messing with a rather dangerous but ambiguous experimental procedure - but then everything shifts and it begins to resemble something else entirely. This continues to happen throughout the movie, making the whole thing feel like a mish-mash of Flatliners , Inception , Misery , S