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Moustache Lockdown Streaming Survival Guide Part 11 | A Christmas Gift From Bob

Christmas Day is almost upon us and the world is still caught up in the Covid-19 pandemic. So we here at The Movie Moustache decided to continue with a Christmas theme for our Lockdown Streaming Survival Guide. This time we're looking at the sequel to the much beloved 'A Street Cat Named Bob'. As always you can check out our Moustache Lockdown Streaming Survival Guide in its entirety by clicking here . After leaving his publisher's Christmas party, James Bowen (Luke Treadaway) witnesses an event that causes him to look back on his and Bob's last Christmas busking on the streets of London. One that proved to be the most challenging, as James had to fight to stop animal welfare officers from taking Bob away from him. There's nothing quite like watching a heart-warming animal story, especially at Christmas. Luke Treadaway returns to his beloved role as James Bowen, the man struggling with his own demons who rescued a cat and was himself rescued. Seeing him reunited