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Super 8 Hockey | Average Guy Movie Review

  George (Clayton Bury) is an avid player in an adult hockey league. He once had a shot at going pro, but a questionable decision cost him everything. Now he sees a teammate going down a similar path and struggles with how to handle it. Thanks to some clever visual effects this is a short film that definitely lives up to its name, with every scene made to look like it was filmed using a Super 8 camera. The production value on Super 8 Hockey  is rather impressive, including a couple scenes shot on the ice. Although ice hockey isn’t really what this story is about. Nicholas Rousseau and Lori Ann Potts deliver an interesting moral quandary for their star to mull over, and Clayton Bury does a good job playing a man with a lot on his mind. When - if ever - is it ok to do something immoral, or illegal? That’s a question George is forced to answer, between hockey games and working in the family camera store, that is. It’s actually quite relatable watching him try to figure out what to do abou