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Extraction 2 | Average Guy Movie Review

After barely surviving Dhaka, Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is presented with yet another insane mission, one that falls a hell of a lot closer to home. Rake and his team must extract a woman and her children from a Georgian prison. Preferably without alerting her husband, who happens to be a high ranking member of a particularly nasty local gang. A few years back, a plucky little action movie - the directorial debut of a veteran stuntman - landed on Netflix . Shot with an interesting guerrilla style that favoured long takes, it was raw and brutal. Making it a no holds barred, uncomplicated action movie - just like mamma used to make. Now stuntman turned director Sam Hargrave and Chris Hemsworth are back with the next chapter in the Tyler Rake story, and it's bigger, bolder and more intense than his first outing. Making it rather refreshing, because Extraction 2  is an action sequel that isn't simply a rehash of the first movie with a bigger budget. Sure there are some familiari