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Tenet | Average Guy Movie Review

  An American spy (John David Washington) is tasked with a very dangerous mission, one that has a time sensitive nature and potential global ramifications. In order to achieve his goal, the man known only as "The Protagonist" will have to get close to  Andrei Sator (Kenneth Branagh),  a deadly Russian arms dealer. But what is the Russian up to? And with the threat of something worse than nuclear holocaust hanging over every life on this planet, will our protagonist be able to figure it out in time to stop him? There is no doubt at all that this is Christopher Nolan's most ambitious project to date. If you thought his previous movies were made on a grand scale, you ain't seen nothing yet! Tenet truly is mind-boggling, you could watch it five times and still not have it all figured out - a s is pointed out to Washington's character: "Don't try to understand it, feel it."  Things move fast too. Nolan kicks things off right from the start and he doesn

DC FanDome | Moustache Trailer Reaction

Well it was quite a weekend for anyone who's a fan of DC Comics. Along with sneak peeks at upcoming projects like Black Adam and The Flash, we were presented with some very interesting trailers.  First up; Wonder Woman 1984. Obviously if it weren't for Covid-19 we would have seen this already, but here we are. It's not a trailer we necessarily needed, but I'm not complaining either, because WW84 looks fantastic. There's not really a lot here that we haven't seen before. Whereas the first Wonder Woman movie was very reserved, like it's 1918 setting, WW84 feels more epic, more grandiose. In creating a movie set in the 80's, Patty Jenkins has embraced the excess of that particular decade. There's even an egotistical wanker with bad hair in the White House! The whole story revolves around greed, there are hints at some sort of McGuffin that can grant your every wish. Which leads to confrontations between a colourful variety of 80's type villains who

Come As You Are | Average Guy Movie Review

Three guys with disabilities - Scotty (Grant Rosenmeyer), Matt (Hayden Szeto), and Mo (Ravi Patel) - looking to have their first sexual experience discover a brothel that caters to their needs. Now they just have to get to Montreal. So they hit the road with Nurse/Driver Sam (Gabourey Sidibe), hoping to get as close to the border as possible before their families figure out where they've gone. Based on a true story, 'Come As You Are' manages to tick all of the usual boxes of a road trip movie, whilst also highlighting a sensitive issue with care and respect. There is definitely an air of American Pie meets Road Trip to proceedings. But where American Pie feels like a cringe-worthy reminder of our awkward teenage years, Come As You Are is actually relevant to society, as well as being a reminder of our awkward teenage years. Through the main characters audiences witness the difficulty of living with disability - watch out for the early scene in which Janeane Garofalo's d