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KANDAHAR | Moustache Teaser Reaction

The first teaser for the latest Gerard Butler/Rick Roman Waugh team-up, Kandahar , has landed, and it doesn't look too bad. If you haven't seen it yet you can check it out below. So it appears there are two movies coming out in May that are about driving really fast. Only this one looks to have some sort of plot, as well as a serious sense of urgency. And Kandahar 's trailer does at least leave a little to the imagination, instead of putting the whole movie into an almost four minute trailer. Gerard Butler plays Tom Harris, a CIA operative working in the middle east to counter Iran's attempts to develop a nuclear programme. But when his identity is compromised, Tom and his as yet unnamed translator (Navid Negahban) become the targets of a massive manhunt involving the Iranian military and other interested parties. The pair's only hope is to fight their way to an extraction 400 miles away in Kandahar. Hardly your average road trip. Not only do they like working toget

Confess, Fletch | Average Guy Movie Review

Upon arriving in Boston, former investigative reporter Irwin M. Fletcher - AKA Fletch - (Jon Hamm) discovers a dead woman in the house that has been rented for him. He's there in search of stolen art that belongs to his Italian girlfriend (Lorenza Izzo)'s father. Now, in order to find the paintings, Fletch will have to figure out - in his own unique way - why there's a dead woman in his home, and more importantly, who killed her. My initial reaction to the news that Jon Hamm was taking on the role of Fletch, was one of surprise, bordering on shock. Although that may have had more to do with the idea of the tenacious but quirky investigative reporter, made famous by Chevy Chase back in the 80's, returning to the big screen, than Hamm's actual casting. Either way, it did seem strange to try to revive a character so synonymous with Chevy Chase and his whacky, improv style. It would almost be like recasting Indiana Jones or Jim Rockford! However, in reality this couldn&