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Body Farm | Average Guy Movie Review

An independent film company sends a videographer ahead of a story to investigate a body farm where human decomposition is researched. The footage she sends back leads the rest of her team to follow her footsteps to uncover a grisly medical abyss. As you can probably guess from the title, this is not a tale of happiness and wonder. Nope, the appropriately named Body Farm  is body horror in its truest form, and rather gory at that! Clearly a great deal of creativity has gone into the make-up and gore effects. They are striking in their realism. Needless to say, this is not a movie you want to watch during breakfast... or lunch, or diner. Unfortunately the same cannot always be said of the plot, which is your typical horror movie fare. One in which a bunch of guys - the kind you will only find in a horror movie - visit a place they probably shouldn't. And even though everything they see screams "leave and never come back" - something to which the aforementioned gore effects