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VENOM: THE LAST DANCE | Moustache Trailer Reaction

Venom horse!!! In other words; the trailer for Venom: The Last Dance  has landed. What are your thoughts on what is likely to be Tom Hardy's last outing as the symbiotic duo? My first thought, based on this trailer, is The Last Dance  looks fun. But I've been wrong before, because I thought the same after seeing the trailer for Let There Be Carnage . I love the first movie , it has some issues but for the most part it's a lot of fun, especially the odd couple relationship between Eddie Brock and Venom (Hardy & Hardy). Unfortunately the same cannot be said about Let There Be Carnage . Hardy continues to be brilliant in the lead roles, but the movie does not deliver the "carnage" it promises. So as much as this trailer looks good - Venom  horse! - it gives me pause. The Last Dance , which is written by Hardy and first time director Kelly Marcel (writer on the first two Venom movies and Cruella ) looks to pick up where the last movie - as well as a few post credi

Spider-Man: No Way Home | Average Guy Movie Review

  After Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal) posthumously revealed to the world that he's Spider-Man, Peter Parker (Tom Holland)'s life, and the lives of those around him immediately began to fall apart. In an attempt to put the genie back in the bottle Pete turns to the only person he can... Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). But things rarely work out for the Web-Head, the way he plans. Now he and the good doctor must deal with the multiverse trying to tear itself apart, not to mention the new friends it has brought them. Tom Holland's third solo outing as the MCU's Wall-Crawler is his biggest so far, and yet in some ways it still feels like an adventure with our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. He may be dealing with bigger and bigger threats, but you can still see him taking the time to help the little people (like the lady who bought him a churro), and a lot of that is thanks to Holland.  Whereas with previous versions of Peter Parker it has been a quick transition

Official Secrets | Average Guy Movie Review

The story of Katharine Gun (Keira Knightley), a translator for British intelligence charged with a breach of the Official Secrets Act. Whilst working for GCHQ, Gun was copied in on an American memo requesting any useful information in relation to UN Security Council delegates. This was part of a surveillance operation - spearheaded by the NSA - designed to secure a UN resolution for an invasion of Iraq. Seeing this as proof of an illegal action, Gun leaked the memo to the media in the hope that it would stop the war. But when Martin Bright (Matt Smith) wrote an article about the memo in The Observer newspaper, GCHQ began hunting for the whistleblower and Katharine faced a prison sentence for trying to do the right thing. The thing that makes this story so incredible is that it doesn't involve the actions of a super spy. No, Katharine Gun was - and still is - a regular person, one who saw something wrong and risked everything to do something about it. Director Gavin Hood (Rendi