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Deadpool: Average Guy Movie Review

Deadpool has arrived! After a very long wait and a very intense marketing campaign he is here and he has not disappointed! Normally I would write an opening paragraph to introduce the movie, show you the poster and get on with telling you what I thought but it all seems pointless. You know exactly what I'm going to was awesome, in fact I've seen it twice inside a week!

The movie has already broken records:

Highest grossing February releaseHighest grossing 'R' rated comic book movieBiggest 'R' rated opening weekendBiggest opening weekend for Twentieth Century FoxBiggest opening of any previous X-Men movieAnd it's on its way to becoming the highest grossing 'R' rated movie of all time. I know I've said it before; just because a movie makes lots of money doesn't mean it's a good movie but Deadpool really is! Tim Miller delivers a very funny movie with a good story, great actors who give great performances and considering the low budg…