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Deadpool: Average Guy Movie Review

Deadpool has arrived! After a very long wait and a very intense marketing campaign he is here and he has not disappointed! Normally I would write an opening paragraph to introduce the movie, show you the poster and get on with telling you what I thought but it all seems pointless. You know exactly what I'm going to was awesome, in fact I've seen it twice inside a week!

The movie has already broken records:

  • Highest grossing February release
  • Highest grossing 'R' rated comic book movie
  • Biggest 'R' rated opening weekend
  • Biggest opening weekend for Twentieth Century Fox
  • Biggest opening of any previous X-Men movie
And it's on its way to becoming the highest grossing 'R' rated movie of all time. I know I've said it before; just because a movie makes lots of money doesn't mean it's a good movie but Deadpool really is! Tim Miller delivers a very funny movie with a good story, great actors who give great performances and considering the low budget a great look too. Granted the CGI is not the best but when you take into account its measly (compared to other superhero/comic book movies) $50 million budget and it's high entertainment just don't care.

Ryan Reynolds finally gets to play the role he was born to play; "the merc with the mouth". It's a superhero movie crossed with a romantic comedy really, perfect for Valentines Day! Wade Wilson (Reynolds) is a mercenary who is willing to do bad things for good
reasons, he meets a girl called Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), falls in love and gets diagnosed with terminal cancer. When a mysterious character offers to cure Wade's cancer and in the process make him a superhero, Wade reluctantly accepts with the hopes of more time with Vanessa. Obviously there's a double cross and the procedure leaves Wade disfigured, to quote Weasel (T.J. Miller) "you look like an avocado fucked an older avocado". In order to get those responsible for what happened to him and rescue Vanessa, Wade adopts the alias "Deadpool" and teams up with (for budgetary reasons) only two of the X-Men. It's a recipe for a very funny, action packed movie during which you will never be bored.

"Cue the music"

The low budget and record breaking return has already guaranteed a sequel. Adding another bit of good news; Deadpool 2 has taken the spot reserved for the FanFourTastic sequel. Hopefully that FanFour-Trainwreck has been buried deeper than the lost Ark of the Covenant and will never be seen again!


  1. deadpool 2 review IMDB. I was able to see Deadpool 2 at an advance screening. Deadpool shook things up and delivered offbeat fun when diehard fans were looking for something new from the genre. I thought it was a surprisingly well-rounded movie that perfectly encapsulated its hero and lovingly poked fun at both itself and other genre tropes. It was among my favourite movies of 2016.

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    When it comes to bringing the laughs, I think Deadpool 2 is just as funny as the original entry. There's even more meta jokes, the same gleefully dirty spirit carries over and some unexpected payoffs left me cackling. They build upon some of the previous memorable bits (I admire Ryan for being so willing to relentlessly skewer his filmography) without it going stale. Luckily, they didn't ruin the movie by putting all the funny bits in the trailer and there's plenty to enjoy. They weren't afraid to push the envelope with the humour and stick around past the finale for a truly epic bit that rolls during the credits.

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