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Super Troopers 2 | Average Guy Movie Review

When it is discovered that a piece of land just inside the Canadian border is actually part of the US, Vermont State Governor Jessman (Lynda Carter) hires our favourite band of misfits to police this new patch. But the residents of the local town aren't all that happy about becoming American citizens, and they're even less happy about their new Highway Patrol officers. Will the guys strange antics and quirky approach to law enforcement be enough to win over the locals?

Probably not!

The fans of Super Troopers have been waiting a long time for a follow up to the cult classic. 17 years! Clearly, they wanted more. In order to raise funds for the production budget, Broken Lizard started a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo with a goal of raising $2 million. They reached that goal in the first 26 hours. By the time the campaign ended, $4.7 million had been raised, making it the 5th largest successfully completed Indiegogo project. However, 17 years is a very long time when it comes to sequels, and the results after a wait like that are usually far from perfect - just ask John McClane. But I am happy to say that (in my own humble opinion anyway) the guys from Broken Lizard haven't lost their touch.

Now it's fair to say that if you didn't enjoy Super Troopers, you won't enjoy this one either! Super Troopers 2 is more of what we loved about the first movie without it being a rehash. Sure there are a few nods to the original and some of the old jokes make it in, I'd be shocked if they didn't. But there's also a lot of new material in here too, mostly at Canada's expense, I'm sure they'll see the funny side. Rob Lowe makes an interesting new addition as the Mayor of the local town, Guy Le Franc. And the guys get into a hilarious and ongoing feud with the Mounties that they are replacing (Tyler Labine, Will Sasso, Hayes MacArthur).

Of all the returning characters, I would like to have seen more of Ursula (Marisa Coughlan) who has a blink and you'll miss it appearance. Super Troopers 2 could also benefit from a few more of the pranks the guys are known for playing on unsuspecting members of the public. Whereas the first movie kicks off with the pranking, this one required a little more setup, meaning it took a while to get this all important part. That being said, the movie is funny throughout and there is a side-splitting montage halfway through in which the guys use a little shock and awe on the townsfolk, make sure you watch out for a familiar face. Also, don't forget to check out the mid and end credits scenes.

While it's not quite as good as the first, fans of the original won't be disappointed. Super Troopers 2 was definitely worth the wait. It's one of those movies that's just a bit of easy fun; a bunch of muppets (in a position of authority) getting up to mischief on the open road - in what used to be Canada. I'm sure many jobs would be more exciting if they allowed employees to pull these kind of pranks on each other...well maybe not all of them.

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