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Static Cling | Average Guy Movie Review

While attempting a love connection, an obnoxious guy gets trapped inside his own coat at a laundromat.

Static Cling is one of those films you watch and laugh at the absurdity of it all, only for a dark corner of your brain to go; "hang on, this isn't that far from reality!" It even reflects what quirky places laundromats can be. In fact, because many of us have washing machines at home, this comical short is kind of a window into a world many of us will never see... beyond that one episode of Friends. Although this does feel like an appropriate place to insert a little fine print:

*Warning* Your experience may differ.

Essentially, this is like a live action Looney Tunes short. One in which the rather obnoxious Kyle, played amusingly by Bj Gruber falls foul of one of mankind's greatest foes - the zipper. We've all encountered people like Kyle, and Gruber nails that self-entitled, wrapped up in their own bullshit mentality. Which is probably why it's so much fun watching him struggle with his new found confinement, and seeing him at the mercy of all the laundromat patrons he has pissed off is hilarious. Maybe there's a little message buried in the hilarity, something about treating those around you with respect, because you never know when you might have to rely on the kindness of strangers.

But Man vs Zipper isn't the only thing going on in Static Cling. Yet another great battle takes place within this crazy laundromat's walls. A battle as old as time... almost. One that sees Timothy J. Cox face off with another of mankind's mortal enemies - the vending machine. For a series of comical escapades it's surprisingly relatable, mainly because it's a pain we have all known and suffered. Begging the question; how far would you go to claim that which the great dispenser of snacks and drinks has denied you? It would appear that Cox's 'Vic Vending' is willing to go pretty far, and who can blame him? Especially when watching this epic battle unfold is so entertaining.

Looney Tunes-esque skit about a man stuck in his own coat, or amusing examination of humanity's battles with some of its greatest enemies? Either way, I never knew laundromats could be this much fun.


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  1. haha living in brooklyn for years has taught me having a washing machine at home is a real LUXURY!! :) The laundromat world of crazy is still live and well - at least in New York.


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