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Moustache Trailer Reactions | Mile 22 | Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

It appears that Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) isn't done causing trouble for Ethan Hunt and the IMF. His escape re-ignites the rivalry between the Impossible Mission Force and their sister agency, the CIA. A matter only made worse by Hunt's determination to be the one to bring Lane in. Fallout is said to focus more on Hunt's personal life, which might explain said determination. Michelle Monaghan returns as Ethan's wife Julia. There's a shot in the trailer of the two of them taking part in some sort of wedding ceremony, only for what appears to be a nuclear explosion to be seen in the distance. Now, the Mission: Impossible movies aren't known for their dream sequences but there's a chance that's what this is.

All of the team are back bar Jeremy Renner's William Brandt, Renner was busy working on the Avengers sequels. Alec Baldwin is back as the newly crowned Secretary of the IMF and we're introduced to his opposite number in the CIA, played by Angela Bassett. But it's her right hand man - August Walker (a moustachioed Henry Cavill) that I find most interesting. And it's not because of the moustache! Walker is more than a bit intense, he's the CIA's "bull in a china shop". Other than that we know nothing about him or his allegiances. Is he good? Is he bad? Or is he just a man on a mission? Maybe he has a grudge against Hunt or The IMF. Who knows?

The trailer shows some beautiful locations as well as some breath taking action sequences. Including a cliff-side fight, more of the epic helicopter chase and the famous building jump in which Cruise broke his ankle. But it's alright because Benji (Simon Pegg) is on hand to provide support in the only way he knows how.

Having not been blown away by Rogue Nation - the series peaked for me with Ghost Protocol - I wasn't all that bothered about a follow up. But so far the trailers have really impressed me. I am  really interested to learn more about who Ethan Hunt is and how Julia will re-enter the story.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout hits cinemas on 26/07/18

Check out the latest trailer here.

Mile 22

In the latest from Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg, a specialist team known as "Overwatch" - operating out of the US Embassy in Bogota - must escort a Police Officer (Iko Uwais) in possession of sensitive information out of the country. Mile 22 is rumoured to be the first in a trilogy of movies featuring the Overwatch team.

Nothing is known of the information he holds, but it's clear there are several interested parties. A fact made clear by an attack on Iko Uwais' Li Noor from within the US Embassy. It's a brutal scene, but one in which we get a glimpse of Uwais' considerable skill as a martial artist. From there we are introduced to Wahlberg and his team, including Ronda Rousey and Lauren Cohan as their mission begins to go pear-shaped. John Malkovich - sporting the worst hair piece since "Rug-Rat" in The Wolf of Wall Street - also stars as Bishop, the boss monitoring things from the embassy.

The trailer doesn't give too much away, it's the usual snapshot of story, characters and action. I get the feeling that this could be a fun action movie, Wahlberg and Berg definitely have a good track record. Whether it will be a surprise summer blockbuster, only time will tell. But hopefully, Mile 22 will mark the beginning of a brilliant Hollywood career for Iko Uwais.

Mile 22 is in cinemas from 10/08/18

Check out the first trailer here.

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