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The Meg | Average Guy Movie Review

When scientists begin exploring a previously undiscovered part of the Marianas trench, they inadvertently unleash a prehistoric shark - known as a Megalodon - on our oceans. Now, with the "Meg" running riot, the scientists find themselves in a race against time to stop it. In order to do so, they call in the one man who can help, Jason Statham...errr Jonas Taylor.

This is what a summer blockbuster should be! Big, ridiculous fun, no thinking required. I think the scriptwriters had a list of Hollywood clichés that they ticked off as they went along. The disgraced hero, living a bum life, borderline alcoholic yet fit as an Olympic athlete. He's needed for a big job that only he can do. Don't forget the love interest who hates him at first - or at least pretends to. Those are just a few that come to mind. But it works because The Meg doesn't try to be anything more, it's a big, silly monster movie and that's it. It helps that Jon Turteltaub hasn't tried to remake Jaws. And I'm pleased to say it doesn't drop to Sharknado levels either. But it's a shark movie, boats, water, big teeth, there will always be similarities.

For a movie such as this, the performances are very good. Generally things are kept quite light, and the serious moments don't stay that way for very long. One thing that sets The Meg apart from other movies is the casting of the child actor. Usually they're just annoying, but Shuya Sophia Cai is brilliant as the young Meiying. Stealing most of the scenes she's in, she does particularly well opposite Jason Statham. Rainn Wilson is a lot of fun as the eccentric billionaire funding the research station. Although I felt Ruby Rose and Cliff Curtis could have been given more to do, especially given the likeability of their characters. But for me the biggest disappointment was the fact that at no point did Statham punch the shark.

This being a big summer blockbuster, one thing that's done very well is the visual effects. Everything looks fantastic, especially the giant shark, although I find it interesting that a creature that has lived it's whole life in the deepest part of our oceans isn't sensitive to light - something that is never explained. However, the big problem with The Meg is the age rating. I think a movie like this would definitely benefit from being rated 15 (R). You're doing a big, scary shark movie, lets see some gore! I understand that with a movie like this, you need to reach a larger audience in order to make profit. But come on, you're doing a big, scary shark movie, lets see some gore!

The Meg is your typical Hollywood summer blockbuster; big, over the top and very cheesy. But it works because the movie doesn't take itself too seriously. Lets face it, stories like this are utter bullshit, but with its fun characters, great action and beautiful visual effects, it's highly entertaining bullshit!


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