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Anticipated Movies of 2019

Here we are again. Another year, another list of movies to get excited about.

Welcome to Marwen - 01/01/19
After a brutal attack leaves him with brain damage, aspiring artist Mark Hogancamp (Steve Carell) builds a miniature World War 2 village to help with his recovery. Robert Zemeckis tells this incredible true story, once again using the latest technology, this time to give Hogancamp's model village a life of its own.

The Front Runner - 11/01/19
The story of Senator Gary Hart's (Hugh Jackman) 1987 presidential campaign. As the title would suggest, he was the favourite until his campaign was marred by scandal. But what really happened?

The Upside - 11/01/19
A remake of the French movie "The Intouchables", it follows Del Scott (Kevin Hart), an unemployed ex-con and Philip Lacasse (Bryan Cranston), the wealthy quadriplegic he's hired to help. It looks to be a touching comedy about life and enjoying what we have, but will The Upside survive the whole Kevin Hart/Oscars scandal?

Destroyer - 25/01/19
LAPD detective Erin Bell (Nicole Kidman) revisits an old undercover case - one that went bad - when the gang-leader is released from prison. Maybe she can reconcile a few of the demons that destroyed her life, that's if the assignment doesn't kill her first.

Vice - 25/01/19
Dick Cheney, former Vice President of the United States is getting his own biopic. One courtesy of Adam McKay, and one of Christian Bale's famous transformations (this time he gets fat). It's a look at the George W. Bush administration from the point of view of the guy behind the guy and the director who brought us "The Big Short".

The Mule - 25/01/19
Inspired by the story of Leo Sharp, the world's oldest drug mule. Clint Eastwood stars (and directs) as a 90-year-old horticulturalist who - facing financial ruin - takes a job running drugs for a Mexican cartel. However, when his activities begin to draw the attention of law enforcement, he begins to question certain life choices. The Mule also stars Bradley Cooper, Laurence Fishburne, Michael Peña, Dianne Wiest, Andy Garcia, Alison 
Eastwood and Clifton Collins Jr.

How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World - 01/02/19

Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and Toothless face a new challenge, one that threatens their home and Hiccup's reign as Chief. In order to face that threat, the pair will have to travel to a place only though to exist in myth. Toothless might even make a new friend along the way.

Boy Erased - 08/02/19
This one was on my list last year, but the UK release was pushed back. Based on his memoir, Boy Erased tells the story of Garrard Conley (played by Lucas Hedges). As a teenager Conley was outed as gay to his parents (Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe) who threatened to disown him if he didn't attend a gay conversion program. There Garrard came into conflict with the head therapist, Viktor Sykes (Joel Egerton).

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part - 08/02/19
Five years after the events of the first movie, things are looking a little "Mad Max: Fury Road" for Evan (Chris Pratt), Wildstyle (Elizabeth Banks) and their Lego friends. Now they have to deal with DUPLO invaders from space, and they're wrecking things faster than the guys can rebuild. It is unconfirmed whether Will Ferrell will be returning, but given the DUPLO, we may be seeing the work of a new member of the family.

A Private War - 15/02/19
A Private War sees Rosamund Pike playing Marie Colvin, a famous war correspondent. Colvin was famous for her signature eye patch, high society cocktail parties and going deeper and staying longer in warzones than any other journalist. It may be a little spoiler, but Colvin was killed in Syria (a country to which journalists were denied access) in 2012.

Cold Pursuit - 22/02/19
Liam Neeson gets all Liam Neesony again. This time he's playing a snow plough driver seeking revenge on the drug dealers who murdered his son. Cold Pursuit is based on the 2014 Norwegian movie "In Order of Disappearance".

Serenity (not the Joss Whedon movie) - 01/03/19
Baker Dill's (Matthew McConaughey) tranquil life as a fishing boat captain is shattered when his ex-wife Karen (Anne Hathaway) shows up. Dill quickly finds himself caught in the middle of a conspiracy when Karen asks him to kill her violent, new husband (Jason Clarke). But can Karen be trusted, and will Dill be able to escape the life he already escaped once before?

Captain Marvel - 08/03/19

The latest instalment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will see Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) become Captain Marvel. When the Earth is threatened by an inter-galactic war, she will stand to defend her planet of origin. Also it's 1995, which will be an interesting treat for the younger audience as they get a crash course in pre-21st Century life.

Triple Frontier - 13/03/19

This one is on Netflix. Five ex-special forces operatives plan to rob a South American drug lord. But when things start to go wrong, their loyalty and training will be pushed to the limit as they fight to survive.

Where'd You Go, Bernadette - 22/03/19*

A 15-year-old girl discovers her missing mother's troubled past as she attempts to find her. Starring Kate Blanchett as Bernadette and Emma Nelson as her daughter Bee. No, this is not another spinoff from The Big Bang Theory.

The Informer - 22/03/19

Pete Koslow (Joel Kinnaman), an ex-con working for the FBI as an informant attempts to infiltrate the mob. The only problem, he'll have to enter a maximum security prison to do it.

The Highwaymen - 29/03/19
Another Netflix production. Two former Texas Rangers, Frank Hammer (Kevin Costner) and Maney Gault (Woody Harrelson) come out of retirement to assist in a manhunt. Their targets, the infamous outlaws Bonnie and Clyde.

Shazam! - 05/04/19
When 14-year-old Billy Batson (Asher Ansel) meets a wizard, he is gifted with the ability to become the adult superhero Shazam (Zachary Levi). All he has to do is say the magic word. The latest adventure in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

Hellboy - 12/04/19

David Harbour takes on the role of the big red behemoth as he battles a medieval sorceress, one hell bent (see what I did there?) on destroying humanity. Despite a mediocre first trailer - the only thing worse was Daniel Dae Kim's English accent - it's still a fun looking movie.

Captive State - 12/04/19

Ten years after an alien invasion, the human race has adjusted to life under occupation...kind of. This is a look at the lives of the occupants of a Chicago suburb, on both sides.

Avengers: Endgame - 26/04/19

Things are looking pretty dire since the Mad Titan snapped his fingers and disappeared. Half the population of everywhere turned to ash in an instant, and Tony is stranded on the other side of the galaxy. But the Avengers - what's left of them - have a plan, the only question is; will it work?

Long Shot - 07/06/19
A comedy in which a down-and-out, unemployed journalist decides to make a move on his childhood crush. The only problem is, she's now one of the most powerful women in the world. Everyone needs a challenge.

John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum - 17/05/19

The third and final instalment in the John Wick saga sees the super-assassin excommunicado. He's on the run with every assassin in the world on his trail, could it be curtains for Baba Yaga? And what about his dog?

Ad Astra - 24/05/19
Brad Pitt is an astronaut travelling to the edge of our solar system to save his father, Tommy Lee Jones. Oh, and also to save the world from some unknown threat or something.

Rocketman - 24/05/19

Taron Egerton plays Elton John in this biopic, charting the flamboyant performer's career. Dexter Fletcher directs his second musical biopic after taking over from Bryan Singer on Bohemian Rhapsody.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters - 31/05/19

Monarch, the agency responsible for dealing with M.U.T.O.'s (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms - really big monsters) is about to be very busy. It seems, a whole bunch of those pesky M.U.T.O.'s are about to do battle, but only one can be crowned King.

Dark Phoenix - 07/06/19

Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) begins to develop even greater powers, powers beyond her control. When a new persona - Dark Phoenix - begins to take control, the rest of the team have to decide whether she can be saved or not. Lets hope Simon Kinberg does a better job than Brett Ratner!

MIB International - 14/06/19

The comedy/sci-fi franchise goes international. This time Agents H (Chris Hemsworth) and M (Tessa Thompson) are investigating a mole inside the organisation.

Toy Story 4 - 21/06/19

The toys are going on a road trip, and they've got a new friend joining them, his name is "Forky".

Ford v. Ferrari - 28/06/19

Director James Mangold tells the story of Ford's attempts to beat Ferrari at Le Mans.

Spider-Man: Far From Home - 05/07/19

Spoiler alert, I think. Whilst on holiday in Europe, Peter Parker (Tom Holland), or at least his alter-ego Spider-Man comes up against a new adversary...Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal).

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - 26/07/19

A TV actor and his stunt double attempt to make the leap to movies. All the while, Charles Manson is making headlines for a very different reason. The latest movie from Quentin Tarantino.

Boss Level - 16/08/19
We've had Groundhog Day, we've had Happy Death Day, we've even had that funny episode of Stargate SG-1. Now we're getting Mel Gibson as a retired special forces soldier re-living the day of his death over and over. I give you, Joe Carnahan's Groundhog Day.

17 Bridges - 23/08/19

For the first time in history, Manhatten is locked down as the NYPD hunts down a cop killer. During the manhunt, a disgraced detective uncovers a conspiracy linking the cops to a criminal empire.

Spies in Disguise - 13/09/19

An animated adventure in which the world's greatest spy (Will Smith) is turned into a pigeon. Who saw that coming? Now he must rely on his tech officer to save the world. What could possibly go wrong?

The Kitchen - 20/09/19

Set in the Hell's Kitchen district of New York during the 1970's, a group of mob wives take over their husband's rackets while they're in prison. The Kitchen marks the directorial debut of Andrea Berloff (writer on World Trade Center and Straight Outta Compton) and stars Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, Elisabeth Moss, Common and Domhnall Gleeson.

Joker - 04/10/19

Todd Phillips (The Hangover) writes and directs this origin story for the Dark Knight's greatest foe. Set in 1981, a failed comedian (Joaquin Phoenix) who feels rejected by society spirals into a life of crime and insanity. At the same time, billionaire philanthropist Thomas Wayne (Brett Cullen) is running for mayor of Gotham City.

Zombieland: Double Tap - 11/10/19

Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Columbus (Jessie Eisenberg), Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) move to the American heartland. There they will deal with more of the joys of a zombie apocalypse, not to mention the joyful growing pains of such a makeshift family. Ruben Fleischer return to direct, as does Bill Murray who is joined by his Ghostbusters co-star, Dan Aykroyd.

Terminator: Dark Fate - 01/11/19
Little is known about this new Terminator movie, other than it's to be a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The Genisys storyline and all other sequels are very dead at this point! Directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and filmed under the working title "Terminator 6: Phoenix this new reboot sees Linda Hamilton reprising her role as Sarah Connor, and Arnold Scharzenegger as the T-800. James Cameron returns to his signature franchise in a supervisory role as producer.

Jumanji 3 - 13/12/19

The plot details on this sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle are being kept tightly under wraps. All we know is that filming is set to begin in January 2019 and all the key players are returning.

Star Wars: Episode IX - 20/12/19

Said to take place a year after the events of The Last Jedi, Episode IX will reportedly conclude the "Skywalker Saga". J.J. Abrams is returning to the direct after Colin Trevorrow left the role due to "creative differences". And in keeping with the sequel trilogy's tradition of bringing a character from the original trilogy back into the fold, Billy Dee Williams is reprising his role as Lando Calrissian. The only question is; will they kill him off too?

Well there it is, that's the list. What are your thoughts? Anything you would tweak or change? Let us know by leaving comment below or find us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also email us at moustachemovienews@gmail

* = UK release date currently not available


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