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Captain Britain and Deadpool in the MCU

Who - and I'm talking to the British readers here - would like to see a British Marvel superhero enter the MCU? Granted there have already been two British characters of note in Marvel movies, but Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) is very much retired, and James Montgomery Falsworth (JJ Feild) hasn't been seen since the end of World War 2. Maybe it's time for a British superhero.

We Got This Covered is reporting that a source has confirmed Marvel plans to introduce Captain Britain into the MCU at some point during Phase 4. 

Brian Braddock was a scientist working at the Darkmoor nuclear research centre. During an attack on the facility, Braddock went for help but crashed his motorcycle. Badly injured, Braddock was visited by the Omniversal Guardian who gave him the choice to become a superhero. By making the right choice, Braddock became Captain Britain and is gifted with several powers including superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, reflexes, senses and supersonic flight. Definitely not the British version of Captain America, then!

It has been revealed that an Easter Egg referencing Braddock is hidden in Avengers: Endgame. In 1970, when Steve Rogers unknowingly hides in Peggy Carter's office he sees his long lost love through a window into another office. According to a Reddit user, Peggy - who is having a discussion with another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent - says "Braddock hasn't checked in. I'm not a meteorologist, and it's not lightning." Obviously this is a reference to some sort of mission Braddock has been assigned. But is this 'the' Braddock? Could this be a relative? Which would explain his presence in Phase 4, unless time travel or some sort of decreased ageing is involved. 

It's worth noting that the Russos haven't yet confirmed that this is indeed a reference to Captain Britain. Whilst appearing on the Happy Sad Confused podcast Joe Russo said:

"I think we uh, maybe...or maybe it's just a guy named Braddock."

Although this wouldn't be the first time the Russos have dropped the name of an upcoming hero into one of their movies. Jasper Sitwell mentioned Steven Strange during his interrogation in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Do you think this Easter Egg is genuine, or is it just an elaborate prank?

At this point it is unclear whether Captain Britain's appearance will feature in an upcoming movie or a show on Disney +. What's also unclear is who will be playing the British hero. There are a whole host of British actors capable of taking on this role, that's if Marvel doesn't go with an unknown. There's nothing to say Captain Britain has to be a man, after all this hero is part of an inter-dimensional league of heroes known as the Captain Britain Corps.

Would you like to see Captain Britain appear in the MCU? Who would you like to see play the very British hero? I am very excited about the idea of a British superhero - provided they get the British bit right - but they might need to do something about the suit.

On a semi-related note, MCU Cosmic has reported that one of the possible ways Marvel is considering introducing Deadpool into the MCU, is a team up with Spider-Man. Information they apparently got from a "reliable source", if true this could happen in the follow up to Spider-Man: Far From Home. The other options under consideration are a solo movie (possibly Deadpool 3) or a show on Disney +.

On the bright side it could be fun to see the Merc with a mouth enter the MCU, and a team up with Spidey has hilarious potential. Unfortunately two of these options would more than likely result in a watered down, family friendly Deadpool. All of the MCU movies have been rated '12' (PG 13 in the US) and all of the content planned for Disney + is said to be following suit.

The question is; do we really want a muted Deadpool? Deadpool light if you will. Personally I say no, I like my Deadpool crude, rude and totally off the hook. As much as a team up with Spidey could be fun, it would still be a very censored Deadpool, unless Marvel make the next Spider-Man movie 'R' rated. What are the chances of that?

What are your thoughts on a Deadpool/Spidey team up? Do you even want Deadpool to enter the MCU, or would you prefer he stay in his own little world?

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