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Uncharted: Drake's Companion

With the Tomb Raider reboot in full swing and Indiana Jones 5 set for a 2019 release, it seems that Sony is finally getting somewhere with the long delayed Uncharted movie. Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum, The Internship, Real Steel) has been attached to direct and Joe Carnahan (The A-Team, Smokin' Aces) shared a photo in January indicating he had completed a draft of the script. Last week it was announced that Tom Holland had been cast as Nathan 'Nate' Drake. Holland will play a young version of the character in a story inspired by that of the third game, in which Nate meets his friend and mentor; Victor 'Sully' Sullivan. But who will they get to play the smooth, moustachioed treasure hunter? Holland apparently would like to see Jake Gyllenhaal or Chris Pratt get the job, what do you think?

I suppose it depends on what sort of tone the movie will take. The director, Shawn Levy is known more for comedy than anything else. Can we expect a light-hearted, National Treasure-esque, family comedy or something similar to the tone of the games? I personally would like to see them stick close to the games, which felt like Indiana Jones in a modern setting with some insane acrobatic climbing and a few ridiculous set pieces thrown in. One of the things that made the Indy movies great (the first three at least) is that despite the mythical/fantasy elements, the stories were grounded in reality. It's something that seems to have been applied to the Tomb Raider reboot and it could work for Uncharted too.

The fact that the movie will act as a prequel to the games means the filmmakers can be more flexible in terms of age when casting the Sully role. The question is; will they keep the moustache? Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch lost his moustache in the transition from book to screen, will the same happen here? Now before you tell me this isn't relevant, let me explain why it is. Firstly, Sully's moustache is as important as Indy's fedora, it's part of his character. Second, not every man can pull off a moustache!

Let's take a look at our choices for Sully:

  • Tom Selleck arguably has the best moustache in Hollywood and has the charm to play a character like Sully.
  • Sam Elliott would be a close second with similar moustache ability and an incredibly powerful voice, he's a man you'd listen to.
  • Kurt Russell's career is flying high right now, with roles in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Fast and Furious 8. He also rocked an incredible moustache as John Ruth in The Hateful Eight (8 is starting to sound like his lucky number).
  • Samuel L. Jackson is the epitome of cool, he assembled the Avengers and led the Jedi. All of this experience must qualify him to mentor a young treasure hunter. Jackson also worked with Harrison Ford on Patriot Games.
  • Then there's the man himself; Harrison Ford. Surely the man who played Indiana Jones would make a great mentor!
  • Sam Neill has played a dinosaur expert in Jurassic Park, the Executive Officer of a Russian nuclear submarine in The Hunt for Red October and a crazy bushman in The Hunt for The Wilder People. He always delivers a brilliant performance and can pull off mad facial hair.
  • Hugh Jackman will be looking for something new now that he has retired Wolverine. Jackman has demonstrated great flexibility in the roles he takes and I think he'd do well as the gruff yet smooth treasure hunter.
  • Karl Urban mentored a young Judge in Dredd and delivered great performances as Bones McCoy in the recent Star Trek movies. After seeing him take on Bruce Willis and his crew of retirees, wouldn't it be interesting to see the role reversal?
  • Laurence Fishburne freed Neo from the Matrix so he could end the war with the machines. He also has one of the smoothest voices in Hollywood.
  • Liam Neeson saved his daughter three times in the Taken movies. Although, as Wade Wilson pointed out: "at some point you have to wonder if he's just a bad parent"! Regardless of this, Neeson has demonstrated his epic fighting skills time and again and successfully mentored his step-son on love in Love Actually.
These are our top choices for the role of Sully, who would you pick? No doubt there are many other actors who could do the job and do it well. Have you got someone else in mind?

Tom Holland is a great choice for Nathan Drake, his turn as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War is evidence of that. His quippy, inquisitive nature combined with that 'fish out of water' feeling during the airport fight, not to mention his quirky relationship with his sort of mentor, Tony Stark. Executives at Sony are obviously pleased with his performance in Spider-Man: Homecoming as well for them to even consider casting him in another one of their franchises. Given the troubled history of the Uncharted movie, it could be a while before we see any real movement on the project, that's if it ever gets of the ground at all. Beyond the Nate meets Sully detail, the plot is unknown. We don't know where Nate and Sully are going and we don't know what they're after, we certainly don't know when it will be released. But it's safe to say Uncharted has taken a step in the right direction by casting one of the world's most promising young actors.

Who would you like to see play Victor 'Sully' Sullivan opposite Tom Holland's Nathan 'Nate' Drake? Let us know by leaving a comment below or find us on Facebook and Twitter.


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