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Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story | Average Guy Documentary Review | Movierob's Genre Grandeur

For this month's Genre Grandeur on Documentary films, I am reviewing Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story. Click here to check out the other reviews over on Movierob's site.

Whilst out hunting in the back country of Montana, Eduardo Garcia came across what looked like an old metal drum. Inside was a dead animal, but when Garcia tried to touch it with his knife, he was hit with 2400 volts of electricity. Somehow, he survived, and managed to walk to get help. But he suffered several major injuries, that required multiple surgeries and resulted in the loss of his left hand. This is the story of his recovery.

If you ever want to see an example of the strength of the human spirit, Charged is a good place to start. It is impossible to not be moved by Eduardo Garcia's story, and his unwavering positivity in the face of such life changing injuries. Especially when you find out that even after the accident, life wasn't done crapping on this guy.

Because of his life changing injuries, Eduardo has to learn how to complete even the most basic tasks, all over again. This includes his work as a chef. But it is fascinating to watch him adapt to his new situation, as he uses his love of cooking and the outdoors - not to mention the support of some pretty incredible family and friends - to rebuild his life. And he couldn't have picked a more beautiful part of the world to do it in. Filmed almost entirely in Montana, the cinematography is spectacular. From the beautiful vistas, to Eduardo's wonderful cabin out in the sticks, Charged truly is a feast for the eyes! It's certainly easy to see why he loves the outdoors so much.

But, by far the most compelling thing about this documentary film is its candid nature. It goes without saying that this is a very emotional story, and we are exposed to pretty much all of it. The first visit to the scene of the accident is a particularly raw moment. How he manages to stay so positive, I don't know. Eduardo is incredibly open about everything, including himself and the fact that he was not always the best person he could be. In fact, he was a bit of a dick, and it's a testament to his friend and business partner, Jennifer Jane who stuck by him throughout. Even with everything that has happened to him, Eduardo is still a very lucky man.

Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story is an awe-inspiring documentary. Beautifully shot, it encapsulates the incredible strength of the human spirit perfectly. And not only that, Eduardo's cooking will no doubt leave you feeling very hungry, it certainly did me!


Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story is available on Amazon Prime Video now. Don't forget to check out the other reviews in this month's Genre Grandeur over on Movierob's site.

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